I deal with the genesis and the development during the act of creating a work. I have tried to access and document my production of a random piece of art focusing on the process itself and what the act of doing does to me. This has lead me to a curiosity about the powers or energies apart from my own acting that may influence my piece of art. Lately, I am concerned with processes in which I am not even continuously involved anymore - in which the artwork generates itself due to various powers such as centrifugal forces. A central question to my work is: who is the artist?

Moreover, I question whether the products of my processes can be considered pieces of art themselves or if merely the documented process is to be presented as an artwork. My actual opinion on this is that the work produced is an artefact at each and every point in the process. Regardless when a video may be stopped, the work seen is an artwork in each moment. Finishing it is not the crucial point and the coloured canvas that exists afterwards is only one piece of the entire work I call art. The final product can merely be seen as one single artwork among many others that have existed in the process before which just cannot be grasped anymore. This is one reason why I like to work with videos as an artistic medium: a film can record all the unique moments of the process so that each section of a painting’s development remains accessible. One finished painting cannot provide these insights anymore.

Most recently my work is concerned with small but amazing processes and movements out there in the world - with the beauty of ordinary movement that I am keen to grasp.